Conference Savvy- If you have to go, make the most of it.

5 Oct


Are conferences really worth it?  I can’t always tell.  But I did pick up some tips on how to make the best of a conference if you’ve committed to going. 

  1. Can’t afford the admission fee? Barter! Volunteer or offer free PR through blogging and leveraging your social media platforms. 
  2. Schedule meetings with other attendees beforehand.  Most conferences will provide confirmed attendees on their websites, so be sure to make connections with people you want to meet beforehand
  3. Hang out outside! Being on the outside can make you an insider- How do you think lobbying became a profession? Many of the big connections/conversations take place outside of the meeting room, so definitely take advantage of the coffee breaks and cocktail hours even if you cant attend the whole event
  4. Focus on making just a few key connections. Focus on quality, not quantity.  Trying to meet every influencer at an event will wear you down and probably feel like a failure even if you’re not.  Set a realistic goal of meeting a few people and everyone over that is a bonus!
  5.  Get everyone’s Twitter handle before the event.  You don’t want to spend the session searching for the panelist’s handle instead of tweeting juicy quotes!
  6.  Stand out of the crowd. Wear a brightly colored scarf or a funky tie.  In a sea of grey and black bright colors really pop.
  7. Use Tweetchat. Tweetchat is a virtual space where everyone is talking about the same thing.  Also, anytime you tweet from Tweetchat it automatically adds the hashtag (time saver alert!). 

And then sometimes your conference is at a place like this and you are pumped for everything 🙂




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