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More Stinkbugs Less Butterflies

9 Oct

Here in the Hudson Valley of New York we have unknowingly welcomed a new Asian immigrant, the stinkbug.  Thanks to our global economy stinkbugs caught a free ride across the Pacific by hiding in the dank, dark crevices of shipping containers and arrived in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the fall of 1998.


While these insects have been flourishing, one of my favorite insects, the Monarch butterfly is not doing as well adapting to our changing world. largest-1

Our Northeastern Monarchs migrate from Canada to the same forest in Michoacan, Mexico every year.

But each year illegal logging is shrinking  their Mexican home.

Add to that changing blooming periods, the destruction of milkweed (their favorite), and suburban sprawl tearing apart the fields and meadows they thrive in and we’re facing potential extinction of a very beautiful, magical creature.

It makes me wonder, will my grandchildren be left with an Earth that can only support invasive, noxious creatures like stinkbugs?  Will butterflies become a thing of the past in my lifetime?



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