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New York Politicians- Are You Taking the Green Advantage?

13 Jan

Surprisingly (or not) very few New York politicians have energy, sustainability, or the environment at the center of their campaign platforms.  For representatives seeking to gain millennial votes, taking a stand for sustainable development seems like a gimme.  

And yet, commitments are paltry and policy initiatives are few and far between.  

This month I’m going to contact each representative in NY and those seeking to unseat incumbents and get them to state their positions on the following topics and explain what each topic means in their own words:

sustainable economic development

wind, solar, and geothermal energy production & distribution

building envelope efficiency

waste management

high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

climate change

agriculture subsidies

The U.S. Farm Bill

Any additional topics?  Shoot them to me and I’ll add them to the list.



Cutting Through the Noise: Excellent Resources on Fracking

22 Nov

Even after taking an entire semester of graduate school to study fracking I still have a lot of questions, concerns, and see the potential power of extracting shale gas.  It’s a heated issue with a lot of passion on all sides.

I’ve found these resources helpful and I hope you do too.

Environmental Defense Fund is leading a series of 15 research studies to capture data on methane leakage from both the upstream and downstream processes of natural gas extraction.

The first, Measurements of methane emissions at natural gas production sites in the United States, appeared in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, October 2013.

Diane Rehm of NPR station WAMU, hosts a roundtable on  the environment every month, Environmental Outlook.

The May discussion was energy outlook and heavy on potential impacts of fracking, from environmental, geo-political, domestic politics, and green energy investments.

On November 14, 2013 she hosted Gregory Zuckerman, author of “The Frackers.” Mr. Zuckerman has a very interesting centrist approach.

Both are worth the listen

Last is a recent study from the Yale Project on Climate CommunicationAmerican perceptions of hydraulic fracturingThis study examines people’s perceptions, associations, and commonly held beliefs about fracking.

Please share any important information you come across.