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Superfood Number Two: Goji Berries (wolf berries, lycium)

20 Oct

Goji berries (wolf berries, lycium) are magical.  They taste great and  health food advocates swear by their benefits (especially for their anti-aging properties!).  I searched for evidence from Western medicine sources and the closest I could come is this entry from “Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.”

Regardless, I’ve been to Tibet where Goji berries naturally grow in abundance and seen how beautiful and young Tibetans look.  And we all know how Western medicine can be the last one to the natural healing party (acupuncture anyone?).

Liran Hirschkorn, a superfoods advocate and teacher with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, provides the benefits of incorporating Goji berries into your diet below.  If there are any studies or reliable Western medical sources to back up the claims I have added links to the right.


  • 18 different amino all 8 essential  (click here for more information on amino acids from the National Institutes of Health)
  • 21 trace minerals  (NIH minerals info)
  • vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E   (great information here on B vitamin benefits from Whole Living, and Vitamin E from NIH)
  • 13% protein
  • more iron than spinach
  • antioxidant Zeaxanthin good for eyes (study from Harvard on benefits for eyes)
  • 500% higher levels of vitamin C than oranges
  • 2-4x the antioxidant content than blueberries
  • #1 for anti-aging (naturally stimulates human growth hormone which wanes as we age, read more about human growth hormone from the Mayo Clinic)

Here’s a recipe for Goji Power Bars from Elena’s Pantry.  They’re yummy and gluten free.

I’d love to look like either one of these Tibetan beauties.  Goji berries here I come!


Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder: My review

11 Oct

I came across Kimberly Snyder’s book Beauty Detox Solution by way of recommendation.  Before buying it I googled it and there really wasn’t that much information besides her website available so here’s my quick intro.

  1. She’s legit.  Her advice is well-researched.  Most of it falls into the world of holistic health so it’s obviously not all backed by NIH studies, but she explains the source of all of her advice.
  2. It’s well organized.  I really like the format of the book. It’s easy to read and follow.
  3. It’s not a diet book or even really a detox book.   It’s a lifestyle book.  I like that because diets suck and detoxes sound painful.
  4. She’s gorgeous. I know the photo below was taken by a professional, but if I can look half that happy and healthy I’ll follow her advice STAT.

I’ll be posting as my life changes with following her advice!

Update November 6th:  This book is awesome for general tips on how to feed my body better, but the recipes have too many expensive ingredients and it’s too hard… I’ll keep trying!